Sweet looking pictures But the story has got to be wrong. Squirrels probably just looking to see what they can destroy amirite?

THOSE tree RATS ARE THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE THINGS ALIVE. I bet they only paused to think on how to destroy and eat the flowers.

Cute Squirrel Pictures of Adorable Creatures Smelling FlowersSquirrels smelling flowers are the photos we never knew we needed.https://mymodernmet.com/dick-van-duijn-cute-squirrel-pictures/?utm_source=site&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=push
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I love squirrels ... have a chubby "pet" one who regularly visits my back fence to collect the peanuts I leave for him. However, I think you're probably right about the flowers .... they are more likely to enjoy the taste than the fragrance! hehe smilie

Squirrels are highly destructive critters but apparently they are good in pot pie.

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I wonder if squirl meat has a nutty flavorchew smilie

biggrin smilie

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