There is justice, and there is injustice. Social justice is a way of dressing up injustice so it looks more palatable.
You would never go out and beat, harass or otherwise victimize some innocent person would you?
That would be an injustice.
Ah, but you see, he's not innocent, he's an oppressor (even though he's not bothering you) he's an evil racist bigoted hater (even though you've never talked with him) and he needs to pay, amirite?

Masked Antifa activists harass elderly couple in Canada - YouTubeSeveral Antifa members crowded around an elderly woman with a rolling walker, blocking her from crossing a street outside a college in Canada, where they hel...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ02eeYPKEU
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I personally know no one, who would condone that kind of thing as "justice". Antifa is not any organized group with common goals about just what they are "fighting" against..except for "anti-fascist" part and those who embrace white supremacy.

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