if humans are mostly made of water then why do we float, amirite?

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The air trapped in out body I'm pretty sure, don't quote me I can't actually remember the reason besides this

Water doesn't float in water

I can't float unless I'm in salt water. I just sink like a turd.

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Huh. Cool. Thanks guys

I need science to prove that we are mostly water . I have been hearing this saying for my whole life and now that I think bout it , it sounds like more bullshit....First off , mostly water by weight or volume, the percentage of this would be different depending on what they were talking about. Second Im pretty sure my water content constantly changes like if im dehydrated or if I just drank a 72 oz big gulp. Third , just picture inside your body , do you feel like a fucking water balloon, no you are solid bone. who would answer this one a doctor or a scientist ?? I bet some lazy high school health class teacher thought this saying up and felt pretty smart for a while.

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