People who say they like pumpkin-flavored things are really saying they like the taste of nutmeg and cinnamon. amirite?

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I am allergic to "pumpkin spice." I've had each of the spices separately without a reaction, but together I have a reaction.

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I like pumpkin, but dislike most pumpkin spice items (pumpkin pie is the exception).

Pumpkin is a pretty versatile squash. I've made pumpkin soup, put pumpkin in my curries, made a pumpkin cranberry bread pudding, pumpkin & honey glazed chicken.

I like pumpkin. Cinnamon and nutmeg are okay too.

and sugar

@moweha and sugar

Yes, of course! How could forget our fine friend sugar

Right I like pumpkin but not all the crud they add to it, so I usually don't get anything pumpkin at all - I make my own if I want something.

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