if someone can sue me for slipping on unshoveled ice on my side walk I should be able shoot them for trespassing, amirite?

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Some places force the property owner to keep walkways clear. That is unfair as you don't own it can't build on it so it isn't yours. In my town the businesses need to keep sidewalks clean most of them have underground heating to keep them clean.

@unknowncondition most people probably pay home owners associations too

Only when you are in condo's? I won't buy anything that involves extra fees. But I know some people like no work, but I enjoy taking care of my lawn bye smilie

sidewalk belongs to the city the city should be sued if someone slips, we pay taxes, it should be the CITY who shovels sidewalks.

socialism is the biggest scam on earth, tax us to death but yet we still have to do everything and pay for most. someone in the government is getting filthy rich

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@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred You would need to prove that. Will it be bernie sanders???

will need to prove what exactly? politicians today are filthy rich, after there term is up they live the 1%, and yes bernie is already in the 1% but he won;t give up his unearned wealth.

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