You can't be sure of your death. amirite?

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I can force it.

There is something my grandma once said, and it fits here. No, you can't be sure of your death but you shouldn't be afraid of it. She said "I pity Death, she never had a mother and never had children." Take what you want from this.

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We can ALL be sure that we will die.

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How do you know?

Unless you Kermit suicide

Yah I can. I didn't even live yet.

i mean if i kill myself im certain of my death.

Before I became me, I was essentially dead for billions of years, and soon I will die and be dead for many many billions of years more, until the universe contracts and blows up again, until I become me again, and write this stupid little paragraph again. So, even if I don't become me repeatedly, the one thing I can be sure of is not existing anymore. But am glad I got to hang around a little while. Thank you life.

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