Everything Trump Touches Turns to Sh*t, amirite?

This has been the most disastrous presidency in US history and his recent insanity has put US national security at risk.
If there is anyone out there thinking of voting for the "stable genius" in 2020, do us all a favor and think again .
I doubt he'll make it that far as even republicans are seeing the danger he represents.

Our troops in Syria are fleeing for their lives and we're now bombing our own bases.
The military is a mercenary force on rent to Saudi Arabia, his letter to Erdogon sounds like it was written by a forth grader and his campaign promises have gone completely unfulfilled.,

The swamp is swampier than it ever was, not even a hint of infrastructure and the healthcare he promised he made worse. His tax cut was a joke. His tariffs a disaster and his foreign policy is an exercise in how to alienate allies and empower dictators.

Conflict of interest abounds throughout his entire administration, corruption is at an all time high and incompetent doesn't begin to describe his appointments.

And he ****thinks he's doing a great job.
The fact that he still has support is astonishing. You have to live in a bubble AND score a 10 in mental gymnastics to think this shmuck should be president.