A man born at 23:59 can legally drink on his birthday for 23 hours and 58 minutes before ACTUALLY turning 18 (or 21), while a man born at 00:00 can't legally drink even ONE minute before his birthday. amirite?

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Assuming they're in the time zone of their birth. :)

(Drinking age is 19 in parts of Canada, BTW.)


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Depending on the year they were born they would have lived through at least 4-5 leap years. Those extra 5 days would mean nobody can legally drink until they are almost a week older than 21 years.

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This is why drinking age should really be a suggestion. A few days leniency is fine. A couple of days wouldn't make it a big deal to your body's development.

If your legal age is Monday. I would like to let you in Friday in the club.

Only men?

That is a lot of figuring for a silly topicallthethings smilie

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