We are born to become an expert murderers, amirite?

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Most people wouldn't kill if push came to shove, even soldiers have to be conditioned to do it and even then, the ones who do often get PTSD from it.


What the **** do you mean?

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@krisjimsampson What?! What the **** do you mean?

I think he means killing himself or just death.

Ehhh what

Maybe talking about us being an apex predator and being an expert at killing animals?

Evolutionary speaking, just recently we managed to get by with agriculture and livestock. Before that, you had to be able to kill any animal at any time, including human in case of fight for power. More over, if we look back before say 200k years, we murdered pray with bare hands, which, obviously, takes enormous skill, without which human would not survive, thus, everyone living today has an intrinsic genetic ability to be an expert murderer.

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