If humans are such social creatures why are we all so lonely, amirite?

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Because I killed your family and friends

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Me lonely? Never!! Now excuse me while I slither underneath my rock again.. HEATHENS!!

I often ponder this question as well. I think we are lonely because people have lost touch with being able to socialize with one another. This may be due to the more convenient ways of accessing information and contacting people via cell phone/internet. We lose that face-to-face interaction with each other. And without that, we lose the opportunity to view people's facial expressions through interaction. We lose a lot of valuable aspects in human interaction.

With that being said, it makes it harder for us to connect with each other even though it's so much easier to get in contact with people. I also think that because it's so easy for humans to contact people it makes a lot of people take it for granted, and become lazy in human interaction as a whole. I think this results in a lot of people experiencing loneliness because even though someone wants to connect with others, not a lot of people feel the same. Not a lot of people go out of their way to get to know someone in person anymore.

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Expectations maybe?

Because you sit in your basement all day living of welfare

And why do we kill each other?

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