Hillary Clinton Needs to Crawl Back Under Her Rock. amirite?

Meaningless yet corrupt as she is Hillary Clinton tried to climb back into relevance with a baseless attack on Tulsi Gabbard calling her a Russian asset and proving, once again, she is a lying sack of sh*t and an establishment hack. She said the same thing about Jill Stein who isn't even running.

. I don't know why the media gives her a platform. Well, actually I do know. The establishment is scared to death of true progressives a.k.a. justice democrats. and Hillary will do whatever they tell her to. That's why they continually ignore and slam with lies and personal attacks people like Bernie Sanders, AOC, Ilhan Omar and anyone else who bucks the establishment and the status quo.

Clinton is a disgusting excuse for a human being who can't accept losing to a game show host and needs to crawl back under the rock from whence she came..