American doctors want you to pay or die, amirite?

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go spend 10 years of your life in school and a huge debt and then volunteer your time. otherwise you have no right to whine

@unknowncondition I went to school for 16 years

I like to help people for free, if I could save peoples lives I would feel obligated to help. Get it out of you thick head that heath care should be a fucking business . It's not , the knowledge these doctors go to school for is acquired from the accumulation of history of mankind to save humans lives , if you want to devalue how special that is and make it a business you can go a suffer and die in one of the many shitty hospitals people are forced to use because they cant afford it. Frankly I think most doctors are perverted sadist. Surgeons are probably the only real educated and skilled healers other then that, they are just fucking pill pushers. your standing up for a bunch of cowardly drug dealers.

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