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The median erect penis length is about 13 cm, or a little over 5 inches.
I don't know what the average dildo length is, but 9" would certainly not comfortably fit in an average vagina.
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@unknowncondition men who give up their flaccid numbers are missing the point

The measurements graphed above were taken in a clinical setting by third parties.
Otherwise the subjects would likely have... um... exaggerated.

@unknowncondition it like getting someones height who is sitting down

Yes, but in this case they measured both the sitting and standing height, which would be useful for 'shower'/'grower' research. biggrin smilie

@unknowncondition this chart doesn't explain "a shower not a grower" I reject it's validity

Well, on average, the chart shows that men with small flaccid penises have a greater percentage increase in length when erect. For example, an 8 cm flaccid penis increases to 12 cm when erect, a 50% increase on average, whereas a 12 cm flaccid penis increases only 33% to 16 cm.
It is true that the chart does not show how likely it is that an 8 cm flaccid penis might tumesce to, say, 16 cm (a real 'grower'), but that would require a different set of charts, and certainly does not invalidate what this chart shows.