government is worst then religion, amirite?

the whole time we as citizens have been complaining about conflicting religious beliefs negatively affecting society. but really these religious beliefs can only be enforced if the government supports that religion.
A religion that has laws is now a government.
governments force you to act as they wish.
religions only ask you to

I am not religious but these people making the rules expect me to have blind faith in their authority all while disrespecting my true authority over myself

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but when is a brat wurst?

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oh absolutely. 99% of the wars in history where politically motivated not religious. aka money, greed, revenge, power, wanting more land etc etc.

and yes goverments are worse, especially now, we have completely forgotten our history, hitler did not take power over night he slowly crept in, and laws against freedom where creeping in for a lot longer then Hitler, he was just the final straw, we are seeing now politicians doing the same thing, who will be the last straw? hilary in USA? Trudeau in Canada? they are scary with the laws they want and are pushing

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