CLIMATE CHANGE is NORMAL! the alarmists have always lied, for the last century they have been claiming doomsday in 10 years, well thats ten decades of "world will end in ten years if we don;t stop oil" well one day they will be right right? why are humans so STUPID to not see the lie by now? amirite?

the climate change is normal, Canada was under ice 15000 years ago, if oil is what caused the ice to melt Canada would NOT be a country as it would STILL be under ice. earth has been warming for a lot LONGER then oil was discovered, even before Mary antoinette said let there be cake.

i wish there was time travel, send all the leftist climate change alarmists back to the time where dinosaurs walked the earth, they would all have a heart attack thinking the world will end yesterday because the earth was many many degrees hotter then then it is now. and then destroy the time machine once they get there.

and they found a polar bear who was sick (animals do get sick in nature its normal) and they tried to say it was climate change that caused it. of course real science quickly debunked the climate change is why that bear was sick, but yet STUPID humans, over look all the lies climate change alarmists use to justify their control, and still believe its man.