The word Marine comes form the Latin word for sea and is used when talking about he sea (like how marine biology is the study of sea life ) but the Navy is the branch of the military that is most often associated with the sea, not the Marines, amirite?

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The marines are considered a department of the navy

And the navy has more planes than air force and army has more boats than the navy

If we are confused of their duties our military is succeeding...however we have different branches incase one goes rouge and disbands from the country...if tjis happens we would still have a military to combat our rebel branch...also we have to meet a quota of non american soldiers just incase they need to quell american citizens ...this is because american born people might have trouble killing other americans but the non native aspect of our military would have no problem killing american citizens.

@It's easy to tell you've not been in the military.

No but i fight the same battles and take more risk without the protection. since 911 we are all combatant s... Besides why would i join if i know this information

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