First organism that evolved into something considered human being, had to have sex with an animal, amirite?

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It had sex with its own species. Evolution is not a result of hybridization.

Humans are still animals

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Wtf? Natural selecton implies same species sex, there wasn't a species that gave birth to a human, it's hard to say when humans begin and pre-humans end, because it was a slow process that took millions of years, each generation different than then the previous one, in a microscopic way so it's impossible to differenciate between the two individuals, once a huge amount of time has passed, comparing the two species would reveal a lot of differences.
Evolution through hybridation would most often lead to an infertile child, like it does woth donkeys and horses because of the chromosome disparity

erection must be an accident

So what youre saying is that the first human male had sex with your mom?

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Having sex isnt enough...you need to actually breed...you can pump and pump away on that cow...but nothing is gonna come out

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