Canada is becoming fascist as we speak, its sad, the signs and symptoms of a fascist state are all there. amirite?

-antisemitism is on the rise,
-speech is being restricted to fit the government du jours narrative. free speech is no longer existent,
-trudeau will only help companies who are willing to agree with trudeaus personal beliefs
-there is a new bill that can land you in jail for 5 years for criticizing Justin trudeau,
-blaming opposition for what Trudeau himself and his party is doing,
-purging the government of anyone who disagrees with trudeau, yes trudeau demands his entire cabinet is on the exact same page (even personal beliefs that hold no effect on the job they hold) as he is or else goodbye.
-expressing your opinion that might be extreme that doesn;t align with left wing ideology can lead you to go to jail
-extremist left wing groups, assaulting anyone who disagrees with them (antifa)and often time get away with it, or are only charged after public outrage and videos going viral, Hitler went to jail too for his extremism before being elected into power.
-wants even more gun control, right down to an outright ban of guns,
-(probably happenign on youtube globally buts still) history of fascism is being removed, why? PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW HISTORY, someone willing to remove history is someone you SHOULD BE VERY VERY WORRIED about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if I listed these without naming trudeau or Hitler, you would think i am refering to hitler in his early years.

guaranteed if it was a conservative leader doing this, the same liberals who support this BULLSHITE would be crying fascism,

won't be long and we will be saying all heil das Fuhrer Trudeau, we are screwed

WATCH: Anti-Semitic violence erupts at Toronto university - The Post MillennialTonight at York University in Toronto, members of the group Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) assaulted Jewish students attempting to...https://www.thepostmillennial.com/watch-anti-semitic-violence-erupts-at-toronto-university/
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If Antifa continues to thrive and grow in the USA alongside its ideological preference of Secular Progressivism, it too will become fascist as it destroys what remains of the Constitutional representative Republic of the USA which President Trump is working to preserve.

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