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Don't say such things, they'll be on to us!

How many of the opinions you hold are actually your own? If you're like most people, most of your opinions and your ideas about the world are a collection of things you were told by authorities of one form or another. Until or unless you form your own opinions, you are a kind of mental slave, because everyone who gives you an opinion has their own agenda, and you serve that agenda when you adopt that opinion whether it benefits you or not. Sometimes the agenda is simply to benefit you, like most of what your parents teach you, but often it's to benefit other people at your expense.

For example, has raising carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere from 0.03% prior to the industrial revolution to 0.04% now resulted in a climate emergency? If you adopt that opinion, you are serving an agenda that has wide ranging consequences. The benefits are vague and nebulous, but the costs are very concrete. The opinion they give you says the costs are worth it, but are they really? Or is it just an excuse for new taxes and regulations, aka taking money and power from you and giving it to the rich and powerful? If someone wants to take your money and your power over vague promises of a better world, it's probably a good idea to be skeptical, but hey, what do I know? I'm just some random person on the internet.

Everyone is brainwashed. It just depends on your viewpoint as to whether you realise.

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I don't get what's wrong with collecting data, the goverment already knows your name, age, sex, and other information, how bad is it for the government to know what kind of cheese I am

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True but at least religion and all the inanities and hate that go along with it play no part in my life

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