Trump will be the first president to be removed from office, amirite?

The evidence against Trump is so overwhelming that even the GOP senate won't be able to protect him. At least not if they want to keep their jobs. Trump's abuse of power and obstruction will show Trump for the criminal he is. When Giuliani rolls over on him, and he will when Trump throws him under the bus, there will be nowhere to hide. Trump has already denied that Giuliani was working for him setting the stage for Giuliani's demise.
Republicans will continue to whine about the process and try to degrade witnesses because they can't attack the evidence which is piling up like a stack of pancakes.
That's why republican's story keeps changing and they grasp at every conspiracy theory no matter how ridiculous.
Recent polls show that more than half the country not only favors impeachment but removal from office so republicans may have little choice but to give up the ghost and cross the line.