The next generation name will be ... the impeachment generation( or the guilty before proven innocent generation, amirite?

Allow me to explaine kids...america used to be a wonderful place where someones blind accusations wouldnt tarnish your reputation..we used to have a reasonable court system where actual evidence would be the only thing to condem you not just heresay and emotional claims, our news used to be accurate and fair and we didnt have to worry about new stations filling 24 hours of airtime with made up garbage . we were also proud once

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you wingnuts really do complain an awful lot.

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@you wingnuts really do complain an awful lot.

Because we care about what America is...get a fucking job

only republicans, in canada justin trudeau had an affair with a 14 year old (when he was well into adulthood) he also elbowed a womans breast, and assaulted another person, never once did he face public shame, in fact he got re-elected, media covered for him, and made sure his past was not brought too much into light, while conservative radio hosts or hokey coaches say something a bit offensive yet not wrong, and loose their jobs. this is the generation of kill conservatives while letting liberal walk

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