Seems to me that all these problem and failing or failed departments which were once essential services have one thing in common. Privatisation. Profit dragged out of education, power, water and health is responsible for our woes. The services have been turned into money grabs for share holders and conglomerates. The essential is gone and so is the service . all these privatised departments are now ruined and the companies or conglomerates just keep on making them more and more complex so as to bleed them all the while putting a hand out for more tax payer funding.
Greed is great. amirite?

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Privatisation is devil's design. What the bloody government is for ? If they cannot run the show why should they get elected at all? This is sheer fraud on people. Govts. fail because of fraudulent elected representatives.

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She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us.

Crude but right and probably a reflection of the broader community but how can it be done.

Fuck big business

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