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Absolutely not.Thats assault.The question is why a 19 year old would submit to such punishment

Perfectly normal. Would it be perfectly normal for a 19 years old college student with good grades to go and negotiate respectfully with his parents some of the rules ?If you are at home at meal time would it not be good manners to be on time to the table? I f you plan, for example, to be `` out`` over a meal,then you need to say that you won't be home for it. Your parents are entitled to know who your friends are and where you will be at least in general. Bad things can happen and phone calls from the police can be worrisome if you don't know where your son is and who he was with! Are you getting the picture? Your are complaining that you were threatened to be spanked like a little child at 19 I would answer you back that only if you act like a responsible and respectful adult, you can expect and ask to be treated like one.In general, good parents know when their son deserves a good bare bottom spanking whatever age they are,especially if they are still living at home from his father's dimes!

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