Anyone opposed to Med 4 All is either misinformed, bought by the establishment, or a fool, amirite?

It seems the biggest arguments against M4A are not only weak but totally untrue.

It's too expensive. That's a lie. It's far cheaper than the existing system and will save at least
$2 trillion. The reduction in paperwork alone will probably save that much.

It removes choice. Again, complete BS. The fact is with single payer you can go anywhere. You are not limited by insurance company member lists of doctors who accept your plan. Single payer is the freedom to see any doctor you like. Private insurance is the lack of choice It would also give you the freedom to quit that job you hate but keep working there because of health insurance

People like their current insurance. No they don't. Nobody is touting the praises of Aetna or Signa. They don't care who the insurer is. They only care about coverage. with single payer virtually everything is covered. You don't have to fight with ins. companies whose response to every claim is deny, deny, deny.

Private insurance is the scam not single payer

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Excellent. May none stand in thy way, subject zero is my only priority.

Intill hospitals go non profit we will be over charged and under cared... "Insurance" has taken advantage of the healthy for years now, why cant we just pay for services when we receive treatment. Also rich people would never use the shitty common hospitals they are the ones inflating costs, and doctors are overpaid , nurses work way more hours and do the dirty work while the doctors demand more money... America needs to get more compassionate doctors and forget it as a high paying job

@Toounknown Intill hospitals go non profit we will be over charged and under cared... "Insurance" has taken advantage of the...

M4A would change all of that as well as lowering drug prices.

Unless you have megabucks lying around you can't afford to pay for care when you get it and it would do nothing to lower cost.

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