It's possible that a planet exists where dinosaurs never went extinct and have continued to evolve for millions of years. Maybe there's a dinosaur somewhere wearing a hat. amirite?

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We have those here, they have MAGA embroidered on them.

I don't think that's possible

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@I don't think that's possible

Well we do know that life IS possible. We have an example here, ie Earth. They wouldn't be exactly the same as dinosaurs but there could be similar life forms out there somewhere. It's a matter of if they have a reason to evolve bigger brains like humans did.

This is great

If the many worlds interpretation is correct: certainly.

If not: probably not. To be considered a dinosaur descendant this species would have to have randomly developed identical DNA to some earth dinosaur and I don't think the universe is big enough for that to be likely. Unless we're dealing with an eternal inflation type multiverse. Then I don't know.

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