Lions need to STOP killing Buffalos, amirite?

This is a serious public concern. Buffalos are getting eaten by lions every f***ing day and it needs to stop! It is because of the Lions fault that the Cape Buffalo species are Endangered & close to extinction while there are way too many of Lions that are overpopulating in Africa and just laughing at the buffalo's misery! I am considering starting a petition to Reform the Lions to stop killing buffalos I mean this is just an outrage! I mean they dont have to starve, There are plenty of other creatures they could eat like Zebras, Warthogs, Antelope, Giraffe, Hyenas, Ostriches, Hippos and so many others yet they continue to abuse the poor Buffalo and it makes me mad! We have to negotiate with them into stopping this because they are destroying the environment with all the Buffalos that theyre wiping out!!!

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animal cruelty, it must be stopped. those poor buffalo die a very slow and very painful death

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