Not whales. Not bacteria. Not robots. Only humans commit murder, amirite?

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um, chimps

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Some animals kill their offspring.

@beachbum Some animals kill their offspring.

True but is it murder or just Nature's way? From a Smithsonian Magazine article: Baby animals may seem irresistibly adorable, but in reality many of them are calculating killers. Hyena, wolf or even dog litter runts are pushed aside by their larger siblings and left to go hungry; fuzzy white egret chicks will kick their weaker clutch mates out of the nest to certain doom; and baby golden eagles sometimes go so far as to snack on their smaller brothers and sisters while their mother looks on.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, however, is the case of the baby sand tiger shark. While sharks may not be the most snuggly animals to begin with, the sand tiger shark sets a new precedent for fratricide. This species practices a form of sibling-killing called intrauterine cannibalization. Yes, “intrauterine” refers to embryos in the uterus. Sand tiger sharks eat their brothers and sisters while still in the womb.

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Well there is 1st degree 2nd degree and 3rd degree murder along with other classes of manslaughter....legaly speaking if that bacteria was inside of a person during a car accident the host, along with the bacteria may be charged with 3rd degree murder

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