In a good relationship, no one wears the pants. amirite?

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And in a great relationship, nobody wears underwear too.

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@And in a great relationship, nobody wears underwear too.

And similarity; in a terrible relationship everyone wears, muumuus.

So do they wear dresses? Maybe shorts. I personally like to wear joggers. Lol.

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That'd be uncomfortable to walk around in public

Can confirm. Am in good relationship. Have not worn pants in years.

Coincidentally, I am also banned from almost every restaurant in my neighborhood.

In a good relationship no one wears underwear

In a perfect relationship, everyone wears zip-off convertible pant/shorts

But someone definitely wears an apron

Yeah but I can't help but think that some people are naturally strong leaders and others followers.

or merkins

word has it that you need to wear your pants and hide your junk.

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