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Yes I agree, what a foolish way to do business - then they ask me to contribute towads the show with part of my income tax refund. NO WAY WILL I DO THAT . Plus if I get campaign calls at my home, I will not vote for that devil that wasted a moment of my time. loser smilie finger for polititians not anyone here hug smilie

@Toounknown Im sure politicians would hate to receive calls at home..but they feel like its ok

ya they are jerks, like we want to hear theier begging for contributions or votes. If they get me on phone especially radio I tell them exaxtly how much they are bothering and how much they just lost a vote from smilie

who did you vote for? Ron paul would have been a great option to end this cycle, but people vote for the same,so thats what they get, the democrat du jour or republican du jour and then wonder why things never change