If Woman had gotten the male genital organ, and vice versa, Woman would probably have been the 'leading' gender in history, amirite?

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He who has the gun fires the shot

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If hormones didn't change, then no.

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Or is it genital organs.... Idk, too late now

It's not about just this or that genital organ - unless you switch everything else that makes woman or man - and then you've just changed the word in the dictionary. Otherwise, having a male genital organ in grand scheme of things amounts to ability to piss while standing.
Who "leads" is about strength, stamina (physical traits), but more importantly - character traits, like being prone to risk-taking, will and ability to do hard labour... all those things that most of us ladies tend to avoid.
However, this lead/follow approach is very shallow one. Men and women have evolved to complement, share and support one another, rather than compete for dominance.

Uh, I guess? But then that would more or less be what we have now with the names switched.

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Absolutely not, males would be totally like gods for females! Brains and vagina - nothing can beat that!

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