There's no anxiety like shaving your ball sack with a razor, amirite?

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Personally I find it very pleasant to a man's genitals are properly shaven. It's more pleasant for your partner. Thumbs up to all the guys that go through it, the shaving does seem scary.

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Shave. Slowly. Bruh.

Why would you do that ?

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@Why would you do that ?

Ever seen a sweaty kiwi (the fruit)? Well that but twice, and in between your legs

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Try shaving right next to the clit. One wrong move...

That's just completely unnecessary.

@Tommyfrank That's just completely unnecessary.

It's true. I'm a lady, ball hair makes no difference.

so you don't mind that when the hair starts to grow back and you have prickle balls. sry smilie

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