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The rest of us are related to aliens.

There's literally no chance you are not related to them.

There is absolutely no chance that you are not related to the first people on earth.

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How on God's green earth would one not be that?

Um idk how to tell you this but...

@m8777 Um idk how to tell you this but...

I know i know. There is no one old enough to be related to them. I meant a descendent. Very. Far. Descendent.

Everyone had to come from someone who was first but there could've been multiple first people.. some in Africa, some in Asia, some in Europe that developed at the same time

@88080808088 No. Homo sapiens arose in Africa. Just Africa.

Maybe. It's unprovable like Big Bang. Humans seem too diverse to come from one place.. black skin first then albinos turned into white skin and then Asians?

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