A sharp knife is at the same time dangerous and safe to work with. amirite?

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The saying goes a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife

How is a sharp knife safe to work with?

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@How is a sharp knife safe to work with?

With a sharp knife you can cut through vegetable or meat with precision, because you're not applying to much pressure, as the blade is doing the work for you. I usually just let the weight of the knife work its way through whatever I am cutting. Dull knives are dangerous because you really have to apply a force and when the knife suddenly cut through it can end up against your fingers and cut them pretty badly.

While technically true, a dull knife is more dangerous ironically

With a sharp knife you'll use less force to cut, so you'll cut yourself more easily but it wont be as deep. With a dull knife you'll use more force to cut, so your cut will be a lot deeper

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