Because chihuahuas are so aggressive, but so small, chances are they would hunt in packs in nature, amirite?

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So the same thing every other wild K9 spices does? even stray dogs form packs it's just what they do, Chihuahuas included so you are 100% correct

Umm because they are dogs, and dogs were domesticated from wolves, chances are near 100% they would hunt in packs in nature. Also Tasmanian devils are small and aggressive but they are not pack hunters

I have yet to ever meet a so called agressive chihuahua.

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Chances are they're so inbred and shouldn't exist as a species; they wouldn't have packs in the wild

Omg that's a terrifying visual

Chihuahuas aren't aggressive just not raised as a good boy

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Basically. Land piranhas is what I'm saying

Hate to see Peter Dinklage in the wild...

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