Cuddling is way more wholesome and relaxing than sex, yet no one has "cuddle fantasies", amirite?

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Bold of you to assume my fantasies aren't almost exclusively cuddle based.

People actually seek out cuddle buddies. It's a thing.

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I'd much prefer to hug then have sex

uh, speak for yourself. i fantasize of cuddling all the time with my partner, even during sex.

Cuddling is where its at

Tell that to my pillow

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It kinda sucks when you get a boner while cuddlling and then she thinks you want sex, like nah stay right here lol


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oh, we do. we definitely do. well i do at least

I used to have cuddle buddies, sometimes ended up in sex but overall cuddling is good.

@Radiwve How do you even ask someone to be a cuddle friend

There's a website called Cuddle Comfort, that is what I used. Generally, asking actual friends you have might be abit difficult or weird for them.

I don't think you are doing sex properly tbqh

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