Having a haircut done by a professional wasn't a thing until somebody realized they could make a lot of money charging people to cut their hair. amirite?

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That applies to most things in life. Good thinking!

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BUT - if they're worth it, more power to 'em.
I want my hair looking right... don't you? (Why am I suddenly talking black???)

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I battle severe depression (I've lost 5 close family members; including my Dad to suicide or drugs in the last 5 years and now I'm going through a divorce). I didn't cut my hair for 4 or 5 months (I've always been well groomed and taken care of myself before all of this traumatic BS happened). I got my hair cut last week and it brought back a lot of confidence and made me feel a lot better. Best $30 I've ever spent.

You could say this about literally any good or service.

Having designer clothes.
Having high end food.
Choosing a more expensive car.

It's basic economics to pay more for more professional output.

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