Kids born from 1985-95 are gonna have kids between 2015-25 who feel the same way about Doom(2016)that we feel about DOOM(1993) amirite?

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Born in the 70s but just grabbed the original doom for PS4 and my kids freaking love it. 2007-2014

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No way. DOOM defined the FPS genre before the name FPS existed. For years after it's release all FPS games were called "DOOM clones". The 2016 game was good, but didn't change gaming history forever.

What about cookers

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There's no way. Doom(2016) was phenomenal, but original Doom was during the puberty phase of videogames. It changed a lot along side games like, counter strike, quake, and half life. There won't be another era of revolutionary games like that until VR gets realistic enough to have .hack type games.

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