Its time for a new revolution...we need to destroy these powerful corporations that dictate american regulation... THIS REVOLUTION IS AGAINST THE AUTO INDUSTRIES.
Did you know that you are more of a rebel and risk taker by just driving in your incredibly dangerous cars...in our 7 years battling the british for our own representation we lost 25,000 soldiers... in 2018 35,000 on the roads in the U.S.
........ So you have a better chance of dying in your car this year then you would in 7 years of fighting for revolution, amirite?

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Hi. Well roadkill by cars and trucks is in the millions each year. It's heartbreaking the damage we do.

Maybe if there wasn't so many drunk/high drivers...

@beachbum Maybe if there wasn't so many drunk/high drivers...

Emotion and distractions are just as serious ....car compaines hide behind driver impairment but its their job to make u safe from these impared drivers behind the wheel of dangerous vehicles

@Toounknown There is a device that wont allow an impaired driver to drive...why is it not standard

I didn't know about that - I think I remember something about a device when the driver is drunk/high, but does it work on someone dealing with those emotional distractions? I realize there is also a lot of road rage that contribute to the accidents - sad so many people are so angry at the world.