The most disturbing thing about waking up at 4 in the morning is realising that some people do it on purpose so they can exercise. amirite?

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Not my fault, that's just the military for you

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Bad wording but I get it. My dad used to say, "If jogging makes you feel so good then why have I never seen somebody smile while they're jogging?".

For me, it's not the early wakeup time, it's how early those people have to go to bed. Like, is the sun still up? Is Wheel of Fortune late-night TV? What do you do on days where you don't exercise; do you just sit around waiting half of your day away for businesses to open so you can get stuff done?

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Am I missing something here? Who they?

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who is they?

Dey be da fitness nuts !!

I think "they" are other people in general that get up voluntary at 4 and exercise.

I feel attacked.

But it has its benefits. No one's there and I can go work out shirtless and disappoint only myself.

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Who is "they"

I'm up at 3 every mornin', but i don't exercise. Just drink coffee and smoke a pack before going to work.

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