A average person has slept more times than has lived his age in days, amirite?

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idk about you, but i don't sleep 12h + (and sry if what i wrote makes no sense to you, but bcs of phrasing i might not understand what you mean)

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@Manspider27 Number of times I have slept in my life> number if days I have lived

thx for clearing that up and yh that's probably true since many babies sleep multiple times a day and very few people skip sleep, wouldn't even need to count naps bcs of it

someones never been on a ekky bender lol

I think what OP means is that when you sleep- that activity normally crosses over 2-days. So you double-count your "sleep days" as 2, vs. every "awake day" as 1 per.

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laughs in final exams, midterms and pulling all nighters

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