The song "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" is about Dad wearing a costume, but we perpetuate to children the idea that Mommy is a cheater instead. amirite?

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Get it, Mommy!

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We do? Uh... We don't do that where I'm from.

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@We do? Uh... We don't do that where I'm from.

Well most likely the kid doesn't know Santa's not real so the kid is going to think their mom cheated

@We do? Uh... We don't do that where I'm from.

I think OP might learn a thing or two about their self here.

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Before the internet, a kid could get excited about just seeing Santa Claus, period. Regardless of what he was doing.

Hell if it means I get more presents he could bend mommy over, give her the North Pole, and call her a Ho Ho Ho on the way out....

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Reaching a bit on that one

No "we" do not. You do. Because you are a unsocialized internet junkie most likely.

I have no idea how many times i must have heard this song over the years and still never put together that it was just the kid's dad in a santa suit until now.

Imma go sit in the corner of shame for a bit...

never heard of that one before, it's stupid.

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Don't parents just wait until the kids are asleep rather than cosplay?

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Because Santa is real, dumbass.

Got to earn those gifts somehow.


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