In Avatar, if waterbenders can bloodbend, they can make their penises rock hard, amirite?

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They can not have a boner at a presentation

A full moon erection, one would say.

I never watched legend of Korra but I never heard of blood bending

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@Unaviable It's in the Last Airbender book 3

Where?? I remember that entire series

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@Montiexx Where?? I remember that entire series

Obviously not, it's an entire episode, 7 or 8, book 3

@Montiexx Where?? I remember that entire series

I can't remember the number of the episode but it was about a lady from southern water tribe brought into prison by the fire nation and practiced every full moon for years and finally broke free and started bloodbending on people(she was insane) and also forcefully taught katara how to bloodbend

And also everyone else's penises

@caindenetro23 And also everyone else's penises

Jeeez...just a different version of the anchorman scene

Just saw this episode, they can also control how the penis moves lololololololololololol

That would mean that you could boner bend dick's during moments that are inappropriate.

Jonas brothers handing out abstinence ring's to a room full of pre teens. BAM boner.

James corden Presenting a Grammy to Jay-Z. BAM boner.

David Suzuki speaking at a climate change summit. BAM boner.

Donald Trump publicly speaking about a boarder wall. Wait, can you bend what is already boned?

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Dick bending?