The concept of working out and exercise is pretty weird from a human history perspective. Generally speaking our current era has probably been the most difficult time in history to stay fit and in good shape. amirite?

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I think we have the most free time to work out and get exercise. Unfortionatly, we have become to lazy to do it.

That's why we need to do it. Before, it wasn't important because our whole lives revolved around doing physical activity. Now when our default is sitting on our arses in front of a computer, we actually need to set time aside to get that physical activity.

In way older times you were considered healthy if you were overweight because it meant 1) you were eating & you were well-nourished & 2) you were wealthy. I think it's just the way society is now, and the technology we have now tells us that if we are working out/exercising we are healthier & will live longer lives. I think its difficult because of the strict way we define being healthy and in shape.

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