You can taste your skeleton at any time if you're lick your teeth. amirite?

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Dental student here, teeth are not bones. Their structure and purpose far different than bones. The end.

They're not bones

@Apellllll They're not bones

But they are actually a part of the human skeleton.

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@Peter_Sikoski How?

I don't know the exact specifics behind the why because teeth do not consist of the same things that bones commonly consist of. Yet they are considered a part of the human skeletal system for some reason. I can't say that I really understand it myself in any way.

@But they are actually a part of the human skeleton.

Nope, they're not, bones are part of the skeleton, teeth are not bones. If teeth were bones I'd be an osteologist not a dentist

What?! And all this time I've been using a utility knife to pull the skin and flesh back to lick my shin bone ?!!

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