My take on Covid 19. amirite?

Back in Nov 2019, North Korea threatened to give the US a nasty "Christmas gift" if sanctions were not lifted by Dec 31. Trump kind of blew off the threat, treated it lightly, and Dec 31 came and went with no deal. NK has not publicly made good on its promise, but on Dec 31, the Chinese discovered Covid.

It makes sense that NK would launch the attack in Wuhan near a known bioweapons lab. It is a large, centrally located city, and the fact that there is a lab there would naturally give people the impression that it's the likely source of the outbreak despite whatever they're told by official sources. The ideal outcome for NK would be if nobody sees them as the guilty party. They'd like the US to blame China, and China to blame the US, and if not for NK's public threat, I wouldn't have considered them as the likely source.

Remember, the US is at war with NK, they're not at war with China, for better or worse they're partners, and that partnership has kept China from trading with NK. Breaking up the US / China partnership makes sense from the NK perspective.

The Trump administration is probably aware of this, including the fact that Trump's own failure to take North Korea's threat seriously was a central factor in the present situation, one that he'd probably prefer to not be blamed for. They were expecting missiles, they got a bioweapon, oops.

Anyway, that's probably why they're not pointing the finger at NK, while also not being harsh on China, commending them for the effectiveness of their response instead of criticizing them for their tyranny, they know China was basically caught in the middle of a dispute between the US and NK.

I wonder what happens next, does Kim Jung Un have a bad day? I'd be surprised if either the US or China wants to let it go unpunished, but they probably aren't too interested in launching an invasion over it either. Maybe the promise of a future peace deal will stay their hand. Not sure.

Now it appears NK is trying to cover their butts by firing off some missiles, which is what comes up in news when you search for North Korea's Christmas gift. Remember, they don't want to be blamed for Covid, it would undo the benefit they'd get from the attack.

Ah geopolitics, the greatest show on earth.

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