The democratic primaries are textbook election fraud, amirite?

According to the UN any exit polls that show more than a 4% discrepancy from the vote count is a clear indication of election fraud.
The same company, Edison Research, did the republican primary in 2016 and the numbers matched within 2%.
These are the numbers before the exit polls were "adjusted to fit" which is now SOP in US elections.
There is a narrow window when the exit poll numbers are posted before "adjustment".

Discrepancy between exit poll and machine count
Ca Sanders -11.1 Biden +15.3
Tx Sanders -11.8 Biden + 0.1
Ma Sanders -12.4 Biden +16.4
SC Sanders -6.6 Biden +8.3
Vt Sanders -11 Biden +26.4

Are you beginning to see a trend here?
This doesn't even consider voter suppression or the 44 thumb drives they found in Dallas containing 10% of the vote were never counted and the Iowa fiasco. This is beyond the pale yet the media is silent.
What do you think the chances are that the general election will be legit.

Welcome to the United Banana Republic of America.

82%Yeah You Are18%No Way
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Oh please... Lol

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I have the exact same feasr but I'm not sure people will go to war against Trump especially when he has miscreants like Lindsey Graham and Moscow Mitch backing him up. Nobody seems to give a damn about the impeachment, so called, trial fiasco or the DNC primary being so blatantly rigged and, if they run Biden, Trump will get another 4 years anyway.

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So ridiculous you are.

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Even if Biden wins we'll have the same neo-liberal bullshit we have now..
Nothing will change.


U may be onto something!

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