If the government would focus on mass production of N-95 masks and mandatory use of such masks in confined public spaces it would go along way to addressing this problem. If they were to make the use of masks mandatory in grocery stores it would also help. What is the point of being kept away from work only to have to stand in line at the grocery store where everyone is potentially a carrier and nobody is wearing a mask? The so called experts made a terrible mistake when they suggested the use of face masks would not help. They were wrong. Face masks have been proven scientifically to be, amirite?

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Wrong, are you selling face masks?

As an expert in viruses stated.

The virus is so small, wearing a face mask to stop it, is like trying to stop flooding water with a chain linked fence.

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Masks, protective gowns for the medial people, more ventilators, that's what will really help us get through this.