The "individualists" who whine about collectivism sure do sound ready to sacrifice thousands of old people for the "greater good" of the economy, amirite?

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Sadly you are absolutely correct.

@bismith5000 Sadly you are absolutely correct.

my country has had half its population and lose work, 70% are on employment insurance, government dictatorship will be the downfall of countries, not the virus. only. 4% less will die in the end of the virus, the economy will never recover, and more will die from more severe illness due to all hospitals and essentials SHUTTING DOWN, no money means no hospitals as well. ignoramuses like you don;t see this,

maybe Trump should be sacrificed and it will all go away.

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@maybe Trump should be sacrificed and it will all go away.

Maybe Pelosi and the rest of her ilk should be sacrificed.

the virus was made for that reason. nothing we do will stop the virus end goal. have you read the news? they have said specifically medical will let elderly die to look after the young. im not the bad guy for wanting to work, the UN, WHO and all governments bowing to those world powers are the enemy

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