Surgeons are professional people openers. amirite?

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I'm comfortable admitting I'm an amateur. I just do it for fun, not because I want to be the best.

Surgery patients really open up to them

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Except for that one in every medical drama that's asked to close when the operation is over. That one is a people shutter.

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Why is that NSFW?

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I'm not a surgeon but I think I can do it pretty well to

"Today on this unboxing..."

The trick isn't so much in the opening, it's in the closing and still having you (eventually) go about your day.

Professional butchers

Very interesting use of NSFW

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*meat mechanics

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So are psychotherapists.

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I think they're more like mechanics.

Yeah when i cut people's guts i'm a psychopath, but when they do that they're hErOs. Pff

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