Taxes arnt fair for single independent people... Looking at the break down of the stimulus having a kid gets you an extra 500$ ...where does that money come from ?? It must mean that single people are paying for other peoples kids, amirite?

Ive never had a kid because that would be irresponsible if i couldnt care for them in a crisis... So i could afford to survive, but that money that i knowingly saved will be taken from my taxes and given to some deadbeat dad , who should have to deal with the guilt of spending their kids food money on heroin and die together...clearly we are not equil if we dont all get the same stimulus check

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Yea, and you'll also be paying for my social security, HA! (now get to work!)

@Toounknown We only help you because u cant help yourself

What goes 'round ,comes 'round, bro. Every generation pays for the one before. P.S. I'm still working, hasn't happened yet. But it will my friend, oh, it will. Buuwwahahahahha!

@Toounknown We only help you because u cant help yourself

We need more banter like this...Go on my posts and rant a little, I tire of looking for you all the time. lol

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